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Limited editions, authentic reproductions of the highest quality Pigment printing on canvases made of natural fibers.

Fine art printing is a necessary and obligatory choice to enclose and transmit the realism of a painting in every reproduction. Each work, in all its formats, is a limited, authenticated and certified production.

Full scale reproductions on Canson Infinity canvas finished by hand by the artist. Authenticated and signed, the canvases are enclosed in a brush-painted Toulipier solid wood frame.

Scale reproductions on fine art cotton paper. Each print is authenticated by the stamp and signature placed on each work.

An idea without limits, to give and treat yourself to an elegant personalized box through the selection of your favorite works.


My works, my travels, my
way of seeing and telling the world

Stormy seas

Strength, resilience, tenacity, courage.

These are just some of the qualities contained in this collection and in a good sailor. Official or not, when the sea is stormy and nature shows itself in all its grandeur ... only the strongest will not be wrecked.

Ship faces

Have you ever thought that ships have a face?

In their immensity each is unique, similar and none the same, they sail the seas of all the world and, touching each other, they find themselves kissing the sea with their might.


There is no place that you really want to reach that cannot be reached.

A collection dedicated to the places reached, to the journeys that nourish the life of each of us. A collection of paintings that enclose the beauty of the journey and the finish line.

River Roots

From an early age our eyes imprint and link each image to an emotion in the mind.

These primordial places represent the origins which, even if distant, allow us to feel in a safe and peaceful place.

Ports and construction sites

It arrives, unloads, loads and leaves again; arrives, unloads, loads and leaves again; arrives, unloads, loads and leaves again; 

Whether the ship is stopping at the port or is leaving a shipyard, joy and mastery master the eyes and arms of those who have long awaited its arrival or its set sail.

they say about me

C’est un polyglotte volontiers bavard qui peint en se racontant des histories.

Jérȏme BASTIANELLI Directeur gèneral Musée du quai Branly 2013

Dirk Verdoorn est assurément un grand voyageur, il est aussi un guide qui nous mène bien au-delà de nos songes

Sakah GALERIE vernissge le 4 Dècembre 2021

Dirk Verdoorn, qui vit avec les turbulences de l’océan au plus profond de son ȇtre, préserve une intensité émotionnelle qui décidément ne ressemble à aucune autre.

Thierry SZNYTKA arts actualités magazine avril 2003

L’audace du Maxi-réalisme

Arts Actualités MAGAZINE Avril 2003

Un peinture pleine de fougue

Pratique des arts Settembre 2021

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