Dirk Verdoorn

Born in 1957 1 in Dordrecht 2, he is a marine painter of Dutch origin.

He spent his childhood on a barge, at the confluence of the Waal, the Meuse and the Merwede, before settling in France. He then worked as an oenologist, drawing teacher and then theater decorator, before earning a living from his painting, from 1997.

In 1999, he founded the Ailleurs group with painters Bernard Delheure, Pierre Fonferier, Jean-Luc Gosse and Serge Maumelat 3.

In 2001 he received the bronze medal at the Salon de la Marine, then the gold medal two years later, for his portrayal of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

In 2005 he was named an approved painter of the navy.

The Gallery

A way like many others, but cured like few.

The authentic and limited edition paintings, printed on papers composed of natural fibers, represent the result of a new pictorial work.

Directly at home authentic marine stories.

Ship faces


Stormy seas


Ports and construction sites


River Roots




C’est un polyglotte volontiers bavard qui peint en se racontant des histories.

Jérȏme BASTIANELLI Directeur gèneral Musée du quai Branly 2013

Dirk Verdoorn est assurément un grand voyageur, il est aussi un guide qui nous mène bien au-delà de nos songes

Sakah GALERIE vernissge le 4 Dècembre 2021

Dirk Verdoorn, qui vit avec les turbulences de l’océan au plus profond de son ȇtre, préserve une intensité émotionnelle qui décidément ne ressemble à aucune autre.

Thierry SZNYTKA arts actualités magazine avril 2003

L’audace du Maxi-réalisme

Arts Actualités MAGAZINE Avril 2003

Un peinture pleine de fougue

Pratique des arts Settembre 2021

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